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Welcome to FarmAfripedia

Africa has a rich base of indigenous agricultural knowledge. Since time immemorial, our ancestors and all before us have used this knowledge to till the land and rear their flock. Interesting is they did not face challenges like “climate change”, “soil degradation”, “health challenges resulting from the chemicals in the food they ate”, and alot more. Today, this is common and is getting worse. On the other hand, we are loosing this library of vital knowledge with each new generation.

This platform therefore brings together different stakeholders in the agricultural sector from the African continent to not only collect this knowledge but also learn and share from each other; and especially on issues pertaining to best farming practices using indigenous content.

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Crops can be defined as those plants that can be grown and harvested for profit or subsistence

This section contains information of different kinds seeds, cereals, pulses and many other kinds of plant material grown for food and other uses.

Crop Categories on this site are in accordance to FAO Statistical Development Series



Livestock can be defined as those animals and birds that are kept on a farm, such as cows, sheep, or chickens

This section contains information on different kinds of livestock used in rural livelihoods.

Livestock Categories on this site are in accordance to FAO Statistical Development Series

Contributing to FarmAfripedia

Share your news and knowledge on local knowledge by contributing articles to the Farmafripedia. We use Wikipedia as our model, so adding and editing articles is quick and easy to learn. You can submit content by clicking on the links for Crops and Livestock. You can also edit existing pages by clicking on the “Edit with form” link on top of every page.

Editorial Support

Do you have good content that you would like to contribute, but you lack the time? Would you like to propose a new item, or do you need help with putting content in the pages? Farmafripedia can offer some support. Just send us an email and we will upload your content for you.